“Keeps your business Moving!”

The selection of the right service partner is extremely critical to the future growth of any business and, therefore, it is important that partners embody and embrace throughout their business identical attributes, ethics and principles of association, communication, confidentiality and professionalism. Legacy Chauffeur Services is committed towards creating long term service partnership that will deliver mutual service benefits. Our service performance will help position your business at the forefront through on-time pick-up of clients. Our mission is to assist organizations focus on their core objectives by facilitating outsourcing of non-core logistical aspects. It is with this in mind that we are prepared to station our vehicles nearer to your premises in order to reduce vehicle turn-around times. By having an account with us, we arrange transportation for employees and other VIPs subject to booking. Our corporate clients receive itemized invoice monthly, eliminating the need for having employees having to pay out-of-pocket and hand over piles of car service receipts.

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